This year, the world has been hit the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, we should not sit wait the pandemic to be over but to continue to encourage promote a healthy lifestyle starting from us influencing others.  We should not forget all the beautiful sites sceneries around us in Myanmar the Mekong region embrace ourselves in them.  As the new normal advises that we may not be able to run in big groups, there are virtual runs as an alternative which will allow us, our families friends to continue to stay healthy, physically mentally.

Following our success in organising the Bagan run on 15 December 2019, RVi Group would be organising the Bagan International Friendship Virtual Race 2020.  It is a new-normal unique running event to be organised The RVi Group.  The virtual race, not limited any physical locations or boundaries, takes running onto a new platform.  The race will be organised under 3 categories, i.e. 5.5km, 7.0km 30km, both Men Women events.

The registration the event would commence from 8 October 2020 all the runners are required to submit the entries (a video clip of the run) to the organiser via social media from 1 November 2020 to 21 November 2020, to qualify the completion medals T-shirts.  Based on the entries submitted, the judges would select a number of the better runners from each category the final on 29 November 2020.  The top 3 runners from each category would then be rewarded with attractive prizes.  For the recreation runners, they could clock the run at their own leisure pleasure.

If you are interested to sponsor this event email us at [email protected]